Georgia Sales Tax Program

	Saxon Tax Software (SAXTAX)
	Georgia Sales Tax Program
	Version 2010

	Our Georgia Sales Tax program, like all our programs, is simple to use,
	created with the novice in mind. The program is a desktop application
	that runs on the Windows platform.

	We are proud of our accomplishment as the first software vendor to be
	approved by the GADOR for sales tax on the new GTC site. We believe
	it shows a commitment to our clients. Our program allows the user to
	quickly and easily, complete and upload their Sales and Use tax returns.
	By simplifying the process, we have made sales tax compliance a much easier process. 

	Some of our features include:
	   1. Conformance to Georgia's new filing requirements
	   2. efile - approved by Georgia
	   3. program calculations - approved by Georgia *
	   4. print forms are scannable and approved by Georgia
	   5. regular or consolidated returns
	   6. transmittal letters for your clients
	   7. client bill
	   8. free updates when county rates or fuel rates change (they've changed several times this year already)
	   9. free technical support by certified tax professionals
	  10. Enter non-fuel and fuel taxes on the same screen without touching your mouse
	  11. Program remembers your prepaid tax and the county you pay taxes in
	  12. Support for amended returns and out of state returns
	  13. Program remembers when various locations within your consolidated return have been opened and closed
	  14. Support for organizations that use a conversion factor
	  15. Automated login to the GTC site
	  16. Imports most formats to avoid rekeying amounts
	  17. Bulk Filer options for those preparing multiple returns using one login and upload
	  18. Creates the xml file to be uploaded, thereby eliminating the conversion process 
	  19. Saves all company information, eliminating duplicate entries

	We have made this program affordable for all levels of preparation.
	At $129.00 (cost approximately $11.00 per month) for 1 company or $169.00 for 5 companies
	(cost approximately 3.00 per month). SAXTAX Software pays for itself when considering
	the time and labor your office will save. 

	Call today for more information. 800.270.3643

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